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Pennsylvania Castle is so much more than just a holiday home. This gorgeous early 19th century neo-Gothic castle has a rich and intriguing history that involves war, Hollywood and even a dash of royalty.

Proudly perched atop the Isle of Portland, with outstanding sea views, the Castle offers our visitors plenty to see and do when they arrive. The breathtaking sweep of Chesil Beach is just a short walk away, providing the perfect spot from which to start an unforgettable adventure in picturesque Dorset.

It’s little wonder The Penn has attracted some prestigious guests – from Hollywood stars to British TV personalities, The Penn has even been the backdrop to an episode of Made in Chelsea.

An amazing house in a stunning location – perfect for a wonderful weekend.

Exclusive stay guest, August 2013


Built by the grandson of the founder of the US state of Pennsylvania, The Penn’s history dates back to 1797. Since then it has played host to a royal wedding anniversary and been the setting for an episode of a hit TV show.

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Film Location

Thanks to its stunning location and easy access, The Penn has often found itself as the preferred choice for film makers. Why not come and see for yourself just why it’s so popular with film and TV makers alike?

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Explore Portland

There are few places in the entire country as scenic as the Isle of Portland and with Dorset’s delights just a short hike or bike ride away, you’ll have no shortage of things to see and do while staying at The Penn.

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