A view from Pennsylvania Castle Estate

14 November, 2018


A view from Pennsylvania Castle Estate

Blogging. A word that has conjured up feelings of total panic amongst our Estate Office in the past. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve happily embraced the world of online bloggers, but to start a blog of our own? What would we say? And who would listen?

That has been the general feeling over the last 7 years whilst we nurtured a tiny castle shaped acorn into the thumping great oak tree that Pennsylvania Castle Estate is turning out to be. And now, it seems, there is lots going on here that we would quite like to share. And perhaps some of our guests and followers might even be tempted to read it, to find out what goes on behind the scenes of this multifaceted hospitality business, right on the edge of the Dorset coastline.

We are blessed with an enviable location and a wealth of history that feels almost criminal to keep to ourselves, so be prepared for lots of curious facts and photos. We also spend a lot of our time promoting the Isle of Portland in all its rugged glory as we recognise that whether our guests are staying at the Castle, on Park or visiting The Hayloft we wouldn’t be able to offer them any of the experiences we pride ourselves on, without acknowledging the fantastic setting we find ourselves in. We’ll also be sure to share some of the action within our more exclusive venues, and hopefully provide some insight into the set-up of our most instagrammable events.

So thank you in advance for indulging us in our own celebration of all things Penn (and Cove and Hayloft and Clifftops – you get the idea) with regular features from each member of the team.

We hope you enjoy…

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