All You Need To Know About Clifftops

30 January, 2018

CLIFFTOPS’ SPRING 2019                                                      

Pennsylvania Castle was built in 1800 on the top of the cliffs overlooking Church Ope Cove and the English Channel. The Castle had uninterrupted views out to sea, and across the Estate there were beautiful vantage points to enjoy this marvellous vista.

In 2014 we started a project to once again provide space to enjoy the wonderful seascape from the Castle grounds. On a cliff ledge which had been landscaped as part of the grounds we commissioned Morrow & Lorraine Architects to design five lodges that would fit into the cliff landscape, embrace the local ecology, and use Portland Stone in a way that demonstrated the Islands unique geology. A given was always to ensure that the views of the Jurassic Coast really came into the lodges and create a sense of cliff living. The outside roof space providing a platform to watch the sea in the day and stars at night.

Now known as Clifftops, these five lodges will open in Spring 2019. They will be more than just self catering accommodation. Combining the luxury and service of the Castle our guests will be able to enjoy fully serviced accommodation, in-lodge catering, housekeeping, and activities management from the Estate Team. Alternatively guests are welcome to be left along and manage their stay without any interruptions.

Guests at Pennsylvania Castle enjoy the bespoke nature of their stay. This will now be available at the lodges. The Estate will cater for all our guest needs and build an experience that will be bespoke in a truly unique environment. The Clifftops design is flexible so we can configure different lodges for varying uses.

Looking ahead, we will be seeking approval for a spa to be added to Clifftops in 2020.


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